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One Man. Many Hats

About Our Logo and Designer

The Walk the Talk logo was designed by Peta Fraser of Baby Drama Kween Designs (@BabyDramaKweenDesigns). Peta explained her design to me as follows:

“The circle around the main images is the tracks you’ll make to each organisation and represents the ‘WALK’ element of the title. The feet are to remind us we are grounded into the earth. The waves are to remind us we are part of the flow of life.  The comment boxes represent the ‘TALK’ element of the title.”

Peta is a Migunberri/Scottish and Irish woman who produces designs out of photos of plants as part of her self care practice and to remind people about the importance of staying grounded through connection to country. Peta’s dream is to become a clothing designer and she is working towards being a First Nations Entrepreneur with her own range of natural designs.  She also uses her design skills to support small businesses and individual startups to embrace their brand essence through visual expression. 

Peta was very easy to work with, had great ideas, and was quick and responsive. I’d have no hesitation recommending her to anyone looking for quality design services.

Walk the Talk was fortunate to have a number of people submit designs for our logo, and I would like to acknowledge and thank all those who reached out to help.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of all the lands I pass through on this virtual tour,

and pay my respects to all the Elders past and present.