I’m in Mareeba and visiting Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation Primary Health Care Service.

Mulungu is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) providing health and medical services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Mareeba. In addition to providing general practice medical services, Mulungu also provides visiting allied health services including psychology, podiatry, dental, optometry, audiology, exercise physiology and dietetics and diabetes education. They also provide a number of family service programs, including a Children and Family Centre, family care to keep children and young people safely at home with their families and in their communities, and their WannaBe program helping parents and children with schooling, meals, and scheduling to help children “be whatever they WannaBe”.

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in or around Mareeba, check out the services Mulungu can offer you by visiting their website: https://mulungu.com.au/

I’ve got my biggest walk so far ahead of me – almost 900km – so it’ll be a while before my next stop. Be sure to check in for articles and my health diary, and the tour map to keep an eye on where I am!